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Manchester City v West Ham Premier League betting preview

Posted on 09/05/2014 in Premier League

Nobody can crash a party like Big Sam.

Or at least Liverpool must hope so. The man known in his own head as Sam Allardici is the only man who can stop Manchester City's millions winning a second Premier League title in three years – well, him and his trio of Liverpool sleeper agents.

With Joe Cole seemingly burnt out and Stuart Downing as effective as Sam's tiki-taka, it looks like West Ham's best hope of getting a result at the Etihad will rest on the broad but fragile shoulders of Andy Carroll.

If the £35 million former Liverpool man can score first, Allardyce may be able to park his bus and hold out until the final whistle. Odds of the Hammers scoring first at the Etihad are 31/10 while a 1-0 away win is priced at a massive 35/1.

It's difficult to build a case for West Ham – and Liverpool – however. If City could choose one team to face with the title on the line it would be the men from Upton Park. The Citizens have already beaten the Londoners three times this season, with an aggregate score of 12-1 and the away team have not won a Premier League match at City in over ten years. Looks like it's going to be Steven Gerrard 0 – Javi Garcia 1. 
A City win is priced at 3/20, while a draw, which will yield the point they need, is available at 39/5.

For all the accusations of plastic modern football fans flocking to teams with billionaire sugar daddies, Manchester City do actually have an identity and history – but for the large part it's a history populated with Dickovs, Alan Balls and cock-ups. Even when they did win the Premier League, they very nearly messed it up.

Will City put their fans through the wringer again?