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Nowitzki hoping for some minutes at All-Star Game

Posted on 13/02/2014 in NBA

Dirk Nowitzki will be fit for the All-Star Game in New Orleans this Sunday (February 16th).

The Western Conference forward has been struggling with an ankle injury, but believes he can offer the fans a few minutes at the annual event.

Although the Mavs player believes his particular set of skills are not suited to the high-octane highlight-reel nature of the All-Star Game, he thinks it's important to go and represent Dallas.

Nowitzki signs off on Mavericks duty with a huge win over the Pacers and coach Rick Carlisle thinks it's a great way to be heading into the closing stages of the season.

He stated: "We've been playing well. But we need the rest. This is an upbeat way to head into the break. And we got Miami coming out of the break. It’s not like there’s any picnic going on here."

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Photo credit: Getty Images